5 Benefits of Window Cleaning as NYC Winter Approaches

Winter (and with it, the holiday season!) is almost here. If you own a home or business in Brooklyn, NY, you may want to prepare accordingly by scheduling window cleaning service.

Maybe you don’t immediately think of window cleaning as a common winter prep task. However, at NYCleaningVIP, we know that cleaning your windows this time of year actually offers major benefits. They include the following:

5 Reasons to Schedule Window Cleaning in Late Fall and Early Winter

Make Your Decorations Shine

Whether you own a home or business in Brooklyn, there’s a good chance you’ll be putting up holiday lights and decorations during this time of year. There’s also a good chance those decorations will often border your windows.

That means passersby will be more likely to look at your windows as they walk past your home or business on the street. If your windows are dirty, they’ll diminish the cheery effect of your decorations, essentially negating the point of putting them up in the first place.

That doesn’t need to happen! Schedule window cleaning before you put up your decorations, and they’ll truly shine.

Make the Most of Daylight

Exposure to natural daylight offers major mental and physical health benefits. Unfortunately, during winter, days are shorter, so natural light won’t filter into your home through your windows to the same extent that it does during summer.

Accumulated grime and dirt on your windows can block out that light to an extent. Thus, scheduling window cleaning is key to milking the hours of sunlight we do get in winter for all they’re worth.

Impress Guests

Your property’s appearance plays a major role in impressing guests. While this is worth keeping in mind if you’re a homeowner planning on inviting friends and family over for the holidays, it’s particularly important to remember if you’re a business owner.

Brooklyn is a crowded place. There’s always a lot of competition, regardless of your industry. You want to stand out in the crowd during one of the busiest times of year by making sure all exterior surfaces of your property wow guests. That includes your windows.

Save Money

You always want to save money. That said, saving money is even more important during the holidays, when you may be spending more on gifts than you typically would.

This is another good reason to schedule window cleaning service for your Brooklyn home or business. Clean windows are more energy efficient than dirty windows because they let in more light, reducing your need to rely on artificial lighting. This reduces your energy bills, which tend to skyrocket during this time of year anyway. The lower your bills, the more money you have to spend on gifts (and yourself)!

Making an Investment

While this blog entry may primarily focus on the benefits of scheduling window cleaning during this specific time of year, you should also remember that scheduling regular window cleaning throughout the year is key to keeping your windows in the best possible shape for as long as possible.

Your windows are an investment. Cleaning them protects that investment.

We at NYCleaningVIP can help. To schedule window cleaning service for your Brooklyn home or business before this holiday season, call us today at (303) 731-9837.

Let Your Windows Shine With NYCleaningVIP

Let Your Windows Shine With NYCleaningVIP

NYCleaningVIP has been providing quality exterior window cleaning services by professionally trained staff members since 2005. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service at the convenience of our clients. Whether you are looking to clean the windows of your home, residential building, commercial storefront, or high-rise building, our experts can help restore a gleaming, clear shine to your windows today!

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