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Commercial Window Cleaning Brooklyn NY

Commercial Window Washing Pros Help Brooklyn Businesses Stand Out

February 1, 2022

Do you own a business in Brooklyn, NY? If so, you may already know that keeping your property looking its best throughout the year plays a critical role in your success. There are many ways you can ensure your property boasts the curb appeal necessary to help your business thrive. One is to schedule commercial…

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High Rise Window Cleaning Service Queens NY

Improve Your View With Expert High Rise Window Cleaning Service

September 1, 2021

Do you own or manage a property in Queens, NY? If so, there’s a good chance that your property is quite tall. Although there are substantially more high rises in Manhattan, Queens is also home to its fair share of tall buildings. Those buildings can offer inspirational views of one of the most impressive cities…

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Window Cleaning New York City

5 Benefits of Window Cleaning as NYC Winter Approaches

October 15, 2020

Winter (and with it, the holiday season!) is almost here. If you own a home or business in Brooklyn, NY, you may want to prepare accordingly by scheduling window cleaning service. Maybe you don’t immediately think of window cleaning as a common winter prep task. However, at NYCleaningVIP, we know that cleaning your windows this…

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Queens, NY Window Cleaning Experts Will Make Your Property Shine

September 10, 2020

Whether you own a home, property, or both in Queens, NY, odds are good you want your property to look its best. We New Yorkers all have a responsibility to ensure Queens shines. One way to do so is to schedule regular service with our Queens, NY window cleaning professionals at NYCleaningVIP. We serve homeowners,…

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High-Rise Window Cleaning New York City

How to Choose the Right High-Rise Window Cleaning Company

August 7, 2020

Brooklyn, NY is home to its fair share of high-rises. It’s also a crowded and dynamic urban environment. That means, as wonderful as Brooklyn is, the windows of those high-rises can get dirty fairly quickly. That’s just a fact of life in a major city. Cleaning them isn’t a task business owners or building managers…

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residential window cleaning brooklyn ny

Residential Window Cleaning: The Benefits of Professional Service Over DIY

July 2, 2020

There’s plenty to love about living in New York City. After all, NYC hasn’t earned a reputation for being one of the greatest cities in history by accident. That said, as is the case with any large city, congestion can have its adverse effects. Consider your home’s windows. Odds are good they get dirty pretty…

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commercial window cleaning brooklyn ny

How Commercial Window Cleaning Helps Brooklyn Businesses Grow

June 4, 2020

Regardless of your industry, if you own a business in Brooklyn, NY, you probably have a lot of competition right in your community. That’s why you need to work hard to make the right impression on potential customers at the street level. If your business looks unattractive or unprofessional, passersby can easily choose to visit…

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High Rise Window Cleaning Brooklyn NY

High-Rise Window Cleaning Makes Your Brooklyn Building Stand Out

May 7, 2020

Do you manage a high-rise building in Brooklyn? If so, you probably understand that first impressions matter. You need to ensure your high-rise building looks as clean as possible if you want to attract tenants (and ensure your tenants attract customers). We at NYCleaningVIP can help. We offer high-rise window cleaning services for buildings up…

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Let Your Windows Shine With NYCleaningVIP

Let Your Windows Shine With NYCleaningVIP

NYCleaningVIP has been providing quality exterior window cleaning services by professionally trained staff members since 2005. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service at the convenience of our clients. Whether you are looking to clean the windows of your home, residential building, commercial storefront, or high-rise building, our experts can help restore a gleaming, clear shine to your windows today!

Why Choose Us?

Safe Window Cleaning New York City

1. Safety

Because we have the proper certifications and insurance policies, you can be confident you’ve hired professionals who know how to handle these tasks safely.

Efficient Window Cleaning New York

2. Efficiency

Time is a valuable resource. We understand this. That’s why, without cutting corners, we work as efficiently as possible.


1. Eco-Friendly

You need to know the cleaning agents used on your windows won’t harm yourself, others, or the environment. Fortunately, when you hire NYCleaningVIP, this isn’t an issue you need to worry about.

We Service ManhattanAnd The Greater Brooklyn Area

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or property manager in Manhattan or the Brooklyn area, when you need window cleaning service, you need NYCleaningVIP. Although we’re already trained and experienced, we’re also constantly building our skills and improving our equipment, making sure we’re ready to deliver the best possible service.